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Sensual Serenity

Mission Statement

To provide a premium alternative fitness experience that builds confidence, positive self-body image, sexiness and a feeling of belonging for women of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Our Story

Sensual Serenity Movement Studio was established in 2013 by Terra Marie as a mobile service for bachelorette parties. Pole Dancing was a very new concept for Kingston residents during that time. She built up awareness and began teaching private lessons and small groups. With an increase in student interest, she realized it was time to open a studio. The studio opened in 2014, and has been providing a unique style of sensual movement and pole dancing to the community ever since. We are the first Pole Dancing in Kingston.

The name “Sensual Serenity” stands for a combined vision of creating a peaceful oasis for our senses while allowing woman a positive space to discover their own sensuality. Society and the media shames us into believing our bodies are not beautiful and that we should repress our sensuality. This has made us feel guilty about our bodies and our natural desires to feel sexy and wanted. Sensual Serenity provides an environment that allows students to explore themselves in a supportive and nonjudgmental atmosphere. The result is a community of individuals who have begun to love themselves, feel confident, and, empowered while gaining a sense of strength and control over their minds and bodies.